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Monday - 20/03/2023 09:00
(BP Portal) - On March 17, in Loc Khanh commune (Loc Ninh border district, Binh Phuoc province) has taken place Phá Bàu Festival of Khmer ethnic compatriots. This is the festival recognized by the Ministry of Culture - Sports and Tourism as the National Intangible Festival of 2019.
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Under water, men, women and children quickly use tools (fishing-tackle, dosser, baskets)
The Pha Bau Festival of Khmer ethnic compatriots in Loc Khanh commune is a traditional festival. This is a type of synthetic folk culture, containing many unique values, rich and diverse content of Khmer people in Loc Khanh in particular and Binh Phuoc province in general.

The Phá Bàu Festival clearly reflects the life of agricultural inhabitants of water rice and the abuse of the people here. Through the festival, Khmer people in Loc Khanh wish for peace, healthy, harvest bumper, good trees, all things proliferate.

On the day of the festival attracted a large number of people in the participating area. Mr. Lam Lot - Loc Khanh commune, excitedly said: “There was a custom like this once: Bàu, River, stream is where all brothers go to work copper, go to work to catch fish according to rivers, according to streams. This Bàu alone now, the local does not allow anyone to catch fish to save for the festival. Who dares to catch first, the village old will punish the pig. The punishment to deter relatives understand and keep the vows for these days break united together.

During the festival day, families prepare items such as: fishing-tackle, dosser, baskets, fishing tools, pipe rice, water, soup, baked fish … Under water, men, women and children quickly use tools (fishing-tackle, dosser, baskets) to catch fish. Mr. Lam On - Head of Soc Lon, Loc Khanh commune, shared: “Caring the state, in the early days of the New Year, the organisation of the Phá Bàu Festival creates a fun atmosphere for relatives. The festival also helps relatives to have more food in the family, facilitate the exchange of relatives, share experiences in production labor and preserve the traditional culture of the people.

Vice President of the People’s Committee of Loc Khanh commune – Mr. Doan Quoc Ngu said: “The Khmer ethnic people’s Phá Bàu festival has been around for so far. Loc Khanh commune has tried to restore, by 2019, the Ministry of Culture - Sports and Tourism has recognized as the National Intangible Festival. After being recognized, the local has handed the organization to the community in the form of socialization, which has been held for 3 years now. In general, the festival is growing, attracting a large number of local people as well as the surrounding local people to participate. This is a very special tradition of the Khmer locally.

Loc Khanh commune has nearly 50% of ethnic minorities living, of which the Khmer community makes up the majority, is the place to maintain the festival so far. Therefore, in order to preserve and promote heritage, the government and the people have had protection solutions. Currently, Loc Ninh District has a plan to retain water ships to maintain the festival. At the same time, propaganda advocates for the protection of water trains, preventing cases of abuse, illegal fishing in water trains; regularly supplementing the breed to better serve the activities of the festival.

Activities are not only the honor and affirmation of the historical and cultural values of Pha Bau Festival, but also the recognition of the efforts of local, branches, agencies and related units in the work of preserving and promoting the heritage of the people in general, heritage in Binh Phuoc province in particular./.
Translator: Ms.Thao

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